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Mission to Surf .com - Mission to Surf - Surf camp Portugal

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Surf Camp and Surf School Portugal

Mission To Surf
Video from Camp Life

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Mission To Surf
Surf impressions

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You have always been dreaming of surfing perfect waves? It is our mission to make your dreams come true!

Surf Camp in Portugal – Surf School „MissionToSurf“

Our qualified surf coaches will try to make you reach your goal quickly and efficiently- no matter if it is your first whitewater ride or your first barrel.

The MissonToSurf surf camp is situated close to Arrifana (map »), a small village on the southwestcoast of Portugal. Here the Algarve offers pristine nature, cliff lines and beautiful beaches far away from mass-tourism- and one of the best surf spots of the west coast.


The Algarve is known for its good waves year round. The great variety of different beaches ensures perfect conditions for surfers of all levels.

We offer professional surf classes, first-class equipment, transport to the beach, breakfast, accommodation and a lot more.

Follow your mission to surf!!!

Surfcamp Algarve, Portugal – Surf Lessons & Surf School for beginners and advanced surfers